Ian Ratowsky

Ian Ratowsky (American, b. 1946) is best known for his large scale approach to female portraiture & contemporary horses. Born in Central Pennsylvania he studied fine art at the Pennsylvania State University.

Ratowsky continued expressing his passion for art through abstract stain technique in the 1970’s applying poured paint to achieve saturated, overlapping, obscured compositions. Later in life, he experimented with large scale textured fiber paper as his medium creating abstract unconventional works through elements of indigenous material rubbings, inks, charcoal, acrylics and oil.

In 1989,Ratowsky demonstrated a dedication to experimenting with textured paper and further extended his commitment by developing his own milled papers from agave, wine and banana fibers.

His subject matter includes abstract, landscape, portraiture, nude figure, horses and dogs. Much of his inspiration is derived from his personal life experiences full of extensive travel and living part time in between the countryside of New Mexico and Spain.

Ratowsky’s works have been exhibited in New York, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana,Wyoming, Barcelona and Costa Rica.