Ian ratowsky is best known for his contemporary pieces of fractured images that show process and technique utilizing outtakes of strokes and force of movement creating a window into a life well lived.

Ian is an artist in every form of the word. He has lived a nomadic journey that has allowed freedom and passion to guide his art for over 50 years. He is influenced and inspired by the life memories and imagery he has experienced across the globe.

The themes and narratives of his painting come to life through underpainting, flawed marks, wild strokes and a stream of consciousness often invoked from his inherent sense of unrestraint and freedom.

His works are created and applied using a vast range of mixed media including rare inks, natural fibered papers, and pigments made from the earth.

He studied at various colleges and has had studios past and present in

New Mexico, Barcelona, Costa Rica, India and beyond.

Current Galleries

Zane Bennet Contemporary Art

Visions West Contemporary

Christian Cheneau Contemporary